Pommania Pomeranians 

Show Kennels in England.


I breed only for myself in the hope of producing my next show dog. Not every dog will be good enough to show or breed so puppies will sometimes be available or i will have more born than i need to keep.

Pets will go on a pet only not for breeding contract and also return to breeder contract  KC papers withheld, 4 weeks insurance cover and a sample of food. If at any time you can't keep the dog it must be returned to me the breeder. A deposit is acceptance of these terms. All payments are non refundable. 

Exports - We will export show potential puppies but not pets e-mail us with your request and we will let you know what may be available.

All dogs are sold with a return to breeder clause show or pet.

Please E-Mail for details on any puppies which may be available or check here for updates. Be sure to include details as i will not answer to - have you and how much questions. I do ensure they go to good homes and retain the right to refuse sale of a puppy.

Please read our page on vaccinations 

Join our FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/ukpoms/

Please email me for more details. mailto:ZOE@POMMANIAPOMS.COM 
or call 01584 890333 


We do export show quality poms with references.

     Deposits or payments made are non refundable.


Sire and dam are good representatives of the breed, healthy and sound of mind and body - Beautiful puppies and adults begin with the selection of their parents - Good nutrition and care during pregnancy and lactation are needed for both the puppies and their mother - The puppies' early care is paramount to good personality and health throughout life. 

Puppies are handled from birth, well socialized from an early age, and exposed to differing environments to help their psychological development - At eight weeks of age, puppies are weaned, eating well, and ready for the trip to the vet for a  check up - Under supervision and weather permitting, the garden becomes a wonderland to explore, play and develop strong minds, body and legs. - Companion puppies are available occasionally, ready to go at twelve weeks of age.

The Pomeranian in build and appearance should be a compact, short coupled dog, well knit in frame. He should exhibit great intelligence in his expression, docility in his disposition, and activity, and buoyancy in his deportment, and be sound in action. Look for beautiful coat, soft, almond eyes, ears small and on top of the head, tail well coated and lying on top of the back. Self-assured and in charge of his world, the Pomeranian ideal size is 4 to 5 lbs, but no one ever told him he was small. At home on your lap or traveling your world, the Pomeranian is an ideal, loving companion devoted to his family.

Sometimes you can find what you are looking for on here, i'm always happy to check  an add if you email me a link to it