Pommania Pomeranians 

Show Kennels in England.


Please be careful when buying a pom as they all look the same as pups to a novice. Only buy from a known breeder/exhibitor or contact the pom breed clubs. For help and advise please email me.

 We will give you all the help and contacts you need to find a pomeranin and not a bad excuse and most likely a pom cross or spitz. Also if you are interested in showing we can help you. 


There very few if any respectable pomeranian breeders listed on free sites so be very careful and get advise first. We get hundreds of emails why doesn't my pom look like yours? Because it came from a puppy farmer or backyard breeder who has no interest in the breed only making money. Unfortunately there are more of these than there are respectable breeders but if your really want a pom it's best you wait and get one from a good breeder who can show you lots of poms from there breeding that you like who are clean sound and healthy. 
Don't be fooled by the "I'M AN ACCREDITED BREEDER" line. All that means is they have paid a fee to the kennel club and is not a guarantee of a good pom. Just because they are listed on The Kennel Club website with puppies does not mean they are good healthy poms. Sadly we are seeing many back yard breeders getting hold of KC papers and producing numerous litters of badly bred excuses for poms just for profit never mind the health or type of a true pom.
 Also another thing to avoid is "IRISH BRED POMS" these are imports from Ireland which have been crossed with other breeds and are huge compared to a pom when fully grown and have long noses and flat coats. Also see my Victorian Pom Myth page
There are of course a couple of excellent kennels in Ireland but they do not sell whole litters to the UK to be sold on!

If in doubt ask questions get references and make your own mind up.

You will always get the support needed from me and others. We want to make the breed more inviting and friendly to new comers and we have lots of contacts and always try to help and only ever tell the truth with the proof to back it up! 

We also have studs available just ask


And who could blame you they are simply adorable fabulous companions and can be wonderful show dogs. First there are a number of questions you need to ask yourself.

Firstly is a pom right for you? Ask yourself the following questions.

Will the pom be alone for more than 4 hrs a day?

You do NOT have children?

Do you have a bigger dog?

if you answered yes to these a pom is not for you

Do you have a secure garden?

Do you have time to play with, train and groom your pom?

Do you have enough money to pay for vets bills, annual jabs, worming de-fleaing, illness, de sexing?

Do you have 10 to 16 years to devote to a dog?

If you answered yes to these then a pom could be for you

Depends on what you want to do and if you have any other pets.

Girls are always very difficult to find, Poms don't have big litters and girls are like gold dust so are often kept to continue the line. So if you are just looking for a pet and it is your only dog Boys make the best pets. Why? Because they are very easy to find, they don't moult as often or as much as the girls and are very very affectionate and easy to train.

If you have a female pet best to get another female. If she is already ready spayed you could get a boy. However if she is not getting him castrated will not stop him wanting to mate her during her seasons and he will still mark his territory.

If you are looking to show and breed and this will be your first show dog get a boy. One for the same reasons as above. They don't moult as often or as much so you will not have to miss out on half the shows in a year because of seasons. Also a great way to get to know people in the breed learn about the breed and the pedigrees. Then if you want to breed look at getting a girl and as you have already been around a while you know whoto go to and what to look for.



Please do not waste your time looking for teacup breeds, people who advertise them are not reputable breeders if they were they would not advertise there runst as such and would not aim to be breeding these things.


How to find a Reputable Breeder

There are as many types of breeders as there are puppies. Good breeders spend a lot of time,money and effort on each litter they produce and only want the best homes for any puppies they don't keep for themselves.
A good breeder does NOT have puppies constantly, nor do they advertise them in every online classified they can find...Their dogs speak for themselves and the quality is evident. Many times the pups are spoken for before they are even born.
Some things to be wary of when looking at web sites are large numbers of breeding stock and puppies available constantly,dogs that do not look like the breed they are supposed to represent or sites that have ONLY cute puppy pics and no adults pictured, logo's professing hand raising,like it is something special...the alternative is a bitch having her pups alone and un-assisted under the house or in the backyard......Doesn't seem that it's so special that the person Responsible for the mating attend the actual birth does it?!!
Tea-cups and Triple-coated poms...These are nothing more than terms used to market their poms to the public. Pomeranians are a Toy breed and they have a standard that should be bred for. It is posted on here and thekennel club site and the Pomeranian Club web sites.
Many times you will hear well the Dam is 10-15 lbs and the Sire is 6 lbs,but they produce teeny tiny puppies....Wake up and smell the coffee!!!  A dog that is lacking in breed type is not going to produce a fabulous show puppy that is 4 lbs.
You may also see the term exotics and rare used to sell you a pup at an inflated price...Many times you can get a better quality puppy for less from a reputable hobby/show breeder than those advertising their "special" poms.
You will find breeders who do not show or belong to any dog clubs selling "show prospects" or advertising "champion lines" The word prospect is used because it means nothing...zip,zilch nada. There are many sites that post show results. If you want to know what the sire of that cute puppy did or did not do...go look them up.
There are many wonderful people in dogs who will help you all they can to find a wonderful quality pet or show dog but there are also those who will take your money and when you have a problem....well it's your problem.
Remember ANYONE can make a web site. Do your homework and learn about the breed you are interested in. It is also a good idea to join a few online groups for your breed but be careful of one that is only used for gossip and lies. Good breeders are usually aware of the questionable people in the breed and will be able to help you find a good breeder as well as answer any questions you have about the breed.